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Hanna HI 713

Hanna HI 713

Hanna HI 713

Ideal for coral reef tanks and fresh, cold and salt water aquariums
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Ideal for coral reef tanks and fresh, cold and salt water aquariums
Phosphate directly inhibits calcification by corals and coralline algae - even at low levels. The health of plants in freshwater aquaria will also be impaired by raised levels of phosphate in the water.
The optimum phosphate level - particularly for reef tanks - is often quoted as zero or 0.05 mg/L (ppm). Most chemical test kits will however find it very difficult to either detect or give accurate readings at these low levels.
With its ability to register the presence of phosphate in salt and fresh water at extremely low levels, the new Hanna Phosphate Checker offers a real 'must-have' addition to the fish lover's equipment chest.

Ideal for
  • Coral reef tanks
  • Salt water aquarium
  • Fresh water fish keeping

Main Benefits
  • Testing is quick and easy
  • High precision results - more accurate than chemical test kits
  • Auto shut-off feature means the Checker cannot be left on by mistake
  • Fully portable, fitting easily into both palm and pocket
  • Fits nicely into your palm or pocket

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